Support Worker

Job Description:

Job Title:

 Support Worker


 Support Worker

Reports to:

 Senior Support Worker and House Manager

Staff Responsibilities:

  •  To work with Young people in building their Independent living skills.
  • To deliver and evaluate education to young people.
  • To deliver and evaluate day and evening activities with young people.
  • To support young people in accessing local services.
  • To create and deliver Independent Living Skills timetables alongside the senior support worker.
  • To deliver activities where appropriate.
  • To transport young people to offsite activities where appropriate.
  • To offer support, encouragement and guidance to young people with regards to career pathways and building Independence skills.
  • To risk assess activities and provide risk assessments for each young person alongside the senior support worker.
  • To Monitor each young person on the incentive scheme and decide if young people should receive incentive based on daily engagement and attainment in conjunction with the senior support worker and house manager.
  • To record details of your shift in the log book.
  • To complete cleaning duties as required.
  • To complete incident sheets as required.
  • To report any issues of safeguarding.
  • To work in line with Fresh Start Independence Project policies and procedures.
  • To Complete key Work Sessions
  • To complete all daily recording sheets



Hours of Work:

 36 hours per week

Salary Range

£8.00 - £9.00 per hour

Summary of Position:

 Your role as a support worker is to provide support and advice to the young people living at fresh start. The support required can be in many different forms depending on the individual needs of the young person and the level of support package they are on. It will be your role to provide the level of support they need to reach independence. The twelve areas of independence which you will be required to provide support around are: Education, Training and Employment,

Finance Management

Understanding my journey

Maintaining tenancy and premises

Food management

Personal Care

Social Skills

Relationship Building

Substance Misuse

Keeping Safe

Artistic Development/ Hobbies


You will work with the young people on these according to their independence plan which would be reviewed in their weekly key work sessions.

Alongside delivering support with the young person around their independence skills you will be expected to safeguard the young person and work in line with FSIP policies.

You would work alongside the senior support worker on shift and also report to the house manager if required.


Primary Responsibilities:

 You will be expected to observe sound office practices, including systematic records of level of engagement offered and number of hours delivered.


 You will be required to report verbally and in writing to the senior support worker and general Manager regarding activities and results of actions taken.


A high degree of professionalism will be expected.


 The nature of Fresh Start's work is such that you may be required to work outside normal hours from time to time.






Senior Support Worker, Maryport

Job Description:

Job Title:

 Senior Support Worker


 Cumbria, Maryport

Reports to:

 Project Cordinator

Staff Responsibilities:



To give leadership and guidance to support workers

Identify staff training needs and report to Projects Manager




Ensure day to day records are maintained accurately

To oversee and deliver the engagement across FSIP

To ensure that the young people's primary needs are met when you are on shift

To ensure you have read and you are up to date with all relevant information's on young person's background and present needs

To record and justify sanctions for young people

To carry out sanctions imposed by other staff members and maintain consistency

To guide and support young people with taking any medications

To work with young people alongside their Action Plan

To record and feedback any safeguarding concerns to managers and relevant professional agencies

To attend reviews and meetings relating to young people, ensuring you are update with all relevant information in order to participate and contribute to the meetings

To risk assess activities and provide risk assessments to Projects Supervisor and Manager

To provide support to young people in line with their care plan/ pathway plan

To Monitor incentive scheme and decide if young people should receive incentive based on daily engagement and attainment in conjunction with House manager.

To transport young people as and when required.

To work in line with all Fresh Start Independence Project policies and procedures.

To ensure records of floating support records are completed




To record all outgoing and incoming telephone calls and take appropriate action as required

To prepare healthy nutritious meals or supervise young people in the preparation of meals

To complete domestic tasks as per rota and maintain clean and safe environments for both staff and residents

To work within FSIP Health and Safety Policy

To partake in training put on by FSIP in house and externally relating to your job role

To assist in managing the petty cash

To work as part of a staff team to provide a 24 hour support package that will require flexibility of attendance which may include sleeping nights, waking nights and weekend shifts.




To ensure weekly reports are completed and sent out in a timely manner

To ensure that information is recorded accurately and legibly whilst ensuring information is passed on in a timely manner to the relevant person

To complete incident reports and missing from home reports and liaise with relevant services such as police and hospitals, as well as reporting to senior management

To hold regular meetings with House Manager and General Manager

To Attend and participate in staff meetings and in individual supervisions and appraisals

To maintain regular contact with relevant professionals and agencies

To ensure incidents are reported to relevant professionals and agencies in a timely manner

To maintain confidentiality at all times




To participate in the on-call rota

Undertake other reasonable tasks or duties as required

Promote the organisation in a positive manner



Hours of Work:

 36 hours per week

Salary Range

£9.00 - £10.00 per hour  

Summary of Position:

This post is key to the delivered support of the young people ensuring they achieve various outcomes whilst rising at FSIP. To ensure the young people live in a safe and caring environment. To listen and advocate on behalf of young people ensuring they are heard. It will also be part of your role to supervise the support worker when o shift with them and ensure they are delivering the support to the young person in line with their independence plan, targets and goals to ensure the young people to reach independence. It will also be your role to ensure paperwork is completed; risk assessments, weekly reports, incident reports, action plans and any other documents required from the management team and social workers.



Primary Responsibilities:

 To complete required paperwork

 To ensure the support worker is completing the engagement with the young people.

To plan the young person’s week with independence sessions according to their independence goals.

 To complete your job role with safeguarding the young person at the forefront of your role.



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