Home Improvement Sales

Suggested Modules

Core Modules

  • CRM1: Client Management and direct mailing
  • Project1: Planning & Timesheets
  • Accounts1: Budgeting and Management Accounts

Advanced options

  • Web1: Web Content Management

Enquiry Form

Often the start ofthe sales process, the prospective client fills an enquiry on your website. 

CRM1 has a choice of widgets to collect enquiries. Customised widgets can be created to collect the information that you need. These widgets can be used on websites hosted on any platform. The widget is implemented by simply copying and pasting into your website design

Website Hosting

Web1 is a very easy to use Content Management System

Websites hosted on our servers integrate directly with the 1SecureWeb applications without needing to use widgets.

There are also template designs so that a new website can be setup in minutes.

  • Fully responsive layouts so that these automatically adapt to the best view for that device: computer, tablet, smart phone.

Multi-language website

If you are selling in an international environment you will need to have your website in the languages of your prospective clients.

Web1 supports web content in any language and so can be used on any website hosted on our servers. Not only European alphabets such as German, French but other alphabets are also supported, eg. Chinese, Japanese, Russian (cyrillic)

Sales process

The sales activities following the enquiries received on your website are tracked in CRM1.

CRM1 lets you keep notes and track reminders so that you track your sales process. Bullt in mail-merge so you can also do bulk mailings to your sales prospects, perhaps new product information or newsletters

Sales - Job Processing

When you receive a customer order you can use Project1 to plan the tasks that have to be done to complete and deliver the order.

The timesheet section keeps track of the time you spent on each task. The system presents you a complete summary of the project.

For larger jobs, you may want also to track all the budgets and costs. Accounts1 integrates seamlessly with Project1 so that you don't have to be an accountant to use it.