Restaurant: multi-language

Suggested Modules


  • Web1 CMS website management with restaurant module


  • VIP1: Membership system

Website management: multi-language

Web1 CMS makes it easy to manage your own website content, text images etc and in multiple languages too. So if you have customers who speak French, Russian, Chinese then they can read the menu in their own language.

This is not an automated translation system where mistakes are always possible. You enter the text for each language after translation so that you know it is correct and says exactly what you want it to say.

Menu of the day

The system keeps your menu stored in a database. Maybe you have some items that available occasionally or even just seasonally such as at Christmas and New Year. You can choose to show only the menu items that you have available. The ones not needed today are saved and you can show them again when they are available.

Menu categories

The menu system can be used to create the usual menu sections and you can call them as you wish to name them for your restaurant - every restaurant has its own style

  • Appetizers, A La Carte, Desserts
  • Antipasti, Pesce, Carne
  • Starters, Mains, Sweets and Puddings

You can also create sections sections for your Wines, Beers. There is no limit to the number and names of the sections you create.

Mult-language Menu

The menu system also presents your dishes in each of the languages that you wish to have available. Your menu (and maybe its main ingredients) are stored in each language.

If a specific menu item is not translated, it is still shown in the translated menu but in the original language. This can often be the case with menu items that are so well known that they do not need translating.