Property Rental Management

Suggested Modules

Core Modules

  • Project1: Planning & Timesheets
  • Accounts1: Budgeting and Management Accounts

Advanced options

  • CRM1: Client Management and direct mailing
  • Web1: Web Content Management

Property Housekeeping

Each property can be set up as a client. Multi-properties for the same owner can then be connected via CRM1

Each changeover can be set up as a project in Project1

The tasks to be done can be listed in the system and these can be assigned to yourself, a different user or any other person.

Time used can be recorded in the timesheet section.

Time logging by employees

Employees can be set up as users with limited permissions, so that they can report hours done

The system can be used in different languages, eg English, French, Italian


Projects set up in Project1 can be set up at fixed cost or on a time used basis. The Project summary will calculate the proposed invoice cost and tracks whether it is invoiced or not.

When a project is set up as invoiceable, it is still shown as incomplete until all the invoice is created.

Invoices can be created in Accounts1