Professional Consultancy

Suggested Modules

Core Modules

  • Project1: Planning & Timesheets
  • Accounts1: Budgeting and Management Accounts

Advanced options

  • CRM1: Client Management and direct mailing
  • Web1: Web Content Management

Project Management

Project1 to manage client projects and time logging

Project1 can also be used to log client work on a continual month by month basis

Integrates with Accounts1 for project budgeting and client invoice recording

Client Management

CRM1 is the core place to keep all your client contact details.

Send newsletters or updates (such as fiscal and legal updates) to your clients

A multi-language website

If you are targetting an international cllent base, you will want your website to underline that by being in multiple languages. Web1 maintains your website in the languages you want from a single database design.

Using the Web1 design templates gives you an instant website that is fully responsive to the device on which it is displayes: computer, tablet or smartphone