Entertainment/Management Agency

Suggested Modules

Core Modules

  • Talent1: Artist Management
  • Agency1: Agency booking system (Bands, DJ's, Models)

Advanced options

  • CRM1: Contact  Management and direct mailing
  • Web1: Web Content Management
  • Project1: Planning & Task listing
  • Accounts1: Budgeting and Management Accounts

Artist Management

Artist Management is via Talent1

Bookings: On your website, the Talent1 artist booking widget start the booking process through on-line enquiries and offers

Website Management

Web1 manages your website content when hosted intelligently

Artists are added (and removed) via the integration with Talent1. The website will only show your current roster.

Calendar listings. The forthcoming gigs will also always be up to date. As the date passes, the system automatically updates your website to show only dates in the future.


New artists can apply via the Talent1 widget on your website. The application includes all their relevent information, music and video so that you can audition them on-line and make your decisions

Press Kits and Mailings

Use Talent1 together with CRM1 to send out your press kits and promo emails. You can send 1000's of emails, using the built in FastQ email system to targetted groups. 

Also if you use the tracker widget you can see exactly who read your press kit, what time they read it and how many times. Essential marketing information to follow up on the people that are interested